The History of Cathedral Park Neighborhood Association


The peninsula

The history of our neighborhood begins with the history of the  peninsula. In 1846, James John moved from Linnton and filed a land  claim. He had a store and began operating a ferry in 1852. Speculation  is that his store and home was located at the end of Burlington on the  river, and the rowboat ferry was located at what is now the fishing dock  and turnaround at the end of Pittsburg Ave. 

The townsite

 The original townsite was only four blocks along the waterfront and 2  1/2 blocks in depth, bound on the north by Burlington Avenue and on  south by Richmond Avenue. It was platted on Oct. 7, 1852 and aptly  entitled “St. Johns on the Willamette.”


The neighborhood

The neighborhood started with the dedication of Cathedral Park in 1980 and the city of Portland encouraging the formation of neighborhood  associations in the 1980's. Nine residents of the area got together to  form the association in 1987 as a watchdog group in response to  vandalism and bad behavior that was taking a toll on the Park. The boundaries of the neighborhood were somewhat arbitrary. The Willamette  River was the south boundary, the cut the east boundary, Weyerhaeuser  Ave to the west and Ivanhoe street to the north. Eight of the nine original founders still live around the Park.